Saturday, August 15, 2009

And so it begins...

Thank you all for visiting my blog. Please bookmark, right now it is being hosted by blogspot which is fine with me.
I think I'll keep the title nilay under construction as it makes alot of sense. I'd like to point out that this will be an grammar free and speling free zone. So all you guys that want to correct my mistakes - DON'T!
I have alot to write about and will try to update this blog when I can.

I am leaving for a 10-day trip to Egypt, today, and yet I have time to start a this will turn into a travel blogs for the upcoming days. I should be packing or doing laundry or something instead of just sitting around and put-putting till I leave for JFK airport at 6-7PM for my 10pm flight.
I think it will be a beginning to a great weekend. My week started off well coming back from Pittsburgh and it ended well with my buddy coming in from Pittsburgh and us just hanging out from 330-12 just doing what random future professionals do. Everytime me and him get together we pretty much have a blast, people love us, people want to be us and people get jealous of us, I guess it is all about dynamics and the way you can interact with other people. Some people have the charm, the smile, the voice to win anyone ever(ahem ahem, joking), so do you?

One last thought, I was watching a documentary that said children without any siblings are more social people since they don't have any peers to talk to at home than people that do have siblings. To a point, I agree with that but I guess to any observation there is always an exception.

Hopefully my next post will be from EGYPT about EGYPT! Ambien(and bad flight food), here I come.

-Nilay, under construction.

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